It has been determined that in this galaxy it is indeed possible to create celestially fantastic shoes while respecting the well-being of all of Earth’s animals, including the humans. These shoes are made without any animal elements or by-products. That means no animal skins, wool or hair, fur, silk, bees wax, feathers, or animal-based glues and paints.

HR uses sustainable, recycled, plant-based materials where possible, as well as man-made materials such as vegan leathers.
Although certain vegan leather is a far more sustainable option than animal leather it is not missed that because they are man-made materials, the environmental impact of producing these has its consequences and needs continued improvement and advancement. However, be assured that HR is on a continuous mission to find the best eco-friendly, man-made and natural materials available such as unique linen’s and novelty canvas, low impact synthetics like velvets and nylons, and innovative recycled products. The majority of the components used are certified and produced in Brazil where the shoes are beamed to, made, we mean made. Sourcing locally helps reduce the carbon footprint, reassuring that sustainability and labor standards are respected all while reducing waste.

Correction: the only animals involved are the humans designing and building the shoes.

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